seaport towns that are prettier than Aberdeen ;)

Breakfast this morning was wonderful and quiet – we were fairly certain that we were the only ones who stayed the night. Presented with a bottle of cherry wine upon check out, we dropped a letter to Justin in the International Mail bin they had and were on the road to Bremen via a stop at the Hannover Starbucks (duh).

Bremen is a German seaport town that was made famous by the Bremen Town Musicians fairytale (another from the Brothers Grimm) which chronicles the lives of four farm animals – a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster – who were getting older and of no use on the farm anymore. Instead of awaiting their fate, they escaped and joined on the road to Bremen, intending to live out their days as musicians in the city. Fate intervened as they surprised a gang of robbers in a cottage. The four used teamwork to chase the robbers away and proceeded to live happily ever after in the cottage. The statue in the town square pays tribute to the four and legend says that kissing the feet will bring one luck.

DSC_0817{the four of us next to the original}

DSC_0823{there were versions of the Bremen fairytale throughout the town}


We spent time in Bremen wandering the shops in the historical district and market plaza.

DSC_0806{it’s always one of us…haha}

DSC_0805SAM_0697DSC_0838DSC_0837SAM_0695SAM_0688{the COOLEST machine that juiced the whole orange from the top into very fresh, very yummy, orange juice}

SAM_0687{fresh fruit stands dot the marketplaces – fun place to pick up some grapes or a fresh squeeze juice}

SAM_0686{our orange, carrot, apple juice}

SAM_0685SAM_0683{we are getting a knob in the cities we stop in to decorate a 9 drawer dresser we have at home – it will be the dresser of the trip!}

SAM_0680{lace, lace everywhere!}

SAM_0677{cameron wanted to purchase this…and put it in our living room….}

SAM_0674IMG_0022{we purchased a neat jar with the bremen characters on top and the only one who likes this type of candy got to fill it up :)}


{fun street performers are everywhere – statues and musicians seem to be the most popular}

Lübeck was our next stop and our destination for the night. While Dad checked into the hotel, we watched a couple of drivers fighting for a parking space. Each had pulled in half way and neither was going to give the spot up. We watched for a good 15 minutes and neither got out of their car to fight or argue (as they probably would have in America….) just waited it out. Talk about playing a relaxed game of chicken! After loading Cameron in the elevator with all the suitcases and sprinting up four floors to meet him, we dumped the luggage in the stuff room and quickly escaped down to the cooler streets below.


For the next few hours we completed a walking tour throughout the beautiful sea town of Lübeck, beginning with the ancient and impossibly thick city walls.

DSC_0850{the gates to the city}

DSC_0845DSC_0855DSC_0852DSC_0859{the old salt store warehouses}

DSC_0862DSC_0870SAM_0725SAM_0729{our ever fantastic tour guide leading us on a tour of the city}

SAM_0700{urban dictionary says that ausfahrt is the largest city in europe 😉regardless, the word means exit and makes us giggle every time}

SAM_0699{they have mirror guards – speak volumes to the width of their streets and their driving habits!}


We ate dinner at a wonderful little restaurant – both the ambiance and the food we all agreed was our favorite so far this trip. Nestled in a peaceful and decorate courtyard off of Huxstrasse, OHANA had great, recognizable food (pasta, salads, burgers, schnitzel) but this was the kicker…water….with ICE! Like real ice, people. We are incredibly spoiled in the US in case anyone was wondering ☺ Our server, Jeremy, spoke superb English and was very helpful. He also loved talking to us, asking us what we call silverware and picking up on colloquial tendencies that I suppose you can only learn by talking to a native speaker. He helped us with our German and brought the best meal of burgers, salad, and potatoes (wedge fries).


After dinner we finished the city tour – having walked entire perimeter of the island city.

SAM_0775SAM_0773{well, they tried.  forever 18 is down the street….}

SAM_0768SAM_0756SAM_0776{i’ve been fascinated by their buggies – the babies lay completely down!  finally, i asked a couple if i could take a picture of their stroller haha}

SAM_0755{hidden courtyards are private escapes from the city streets}

DSC_0920DSC_0918{the view from our hotel window}


The famous Lübeck candy company, Marzipan chocolate, was closed so we checked the hours to come back after breakfast the next morning.