850 year old sausages

Leaving Dresden, our next stop was Regensburg!  Regensburg was the only medieval city in Germany to survive WW2 completely intact – it may not be the most magical but it is the most intact.  We began our excursion (after parking) walking across the majestic Danube on the 12th century Steinerne Brucke that is about 900 years old!!  We took a stroll through town (please note, we are walking an average of 10.8 miles per day!) seeing the Dom Saint Peter (everyone has something for him) and local Rathaus, finishing with a light lunch beside the stone bridge at Wurst Kuche (sausage kitchen).  With apple wood smoke billowing through the streets, Cameron and Dad thoroughly enjoyed a plate of sausages and sauerkraut from Wrust Kuche – a kitchen that has been cooking the with the same recipes for more than 850 years.  They chatted with a college student from North Carolina who was studying abroad who proceeded to help them order while Mom and I grabbed a delicious crepe up the street.

DSC_1251 DSC_1249 DSC_1257 DSC_1255{parrrrttyyy on the river!  they would set the cannon on their boat off every 50 yards or so and move on down the river}DSC_1252 DSC_1266{you can see the billows of smoke from the kitchen up on the bridge}

DSC_1267 DSC_1269 DSC_1271 DSC_1272 DSC_1273 DSC_1275 DSC_1276 DSC_1281 DSC_1284 DSC_1286 DSC_1288 DSC_1290 DSC_1291{apparently my mamma thinks it’s funny to take pictures of me taking pictures ;)}DSC_1292 DSC_1293 DSC_1294 DSC_1298{an authentic street presentation – we think it was a kinder theater group}

We jumped back into the car for an hour and 15 minute jaunt to Passau where we checked into our top floor room, got the windows all open to cool the room off and headed back into town to walk the enchanting city situated on the peninsula between the Inn, Ilz, and the Danube Rivers.  All three are drastically different colors making their confluence analogues to a scenic watercolor.  We saw the town Dom and Rathaus (typical) and walked along the Inn River, passing riverside picnics, an AWESOME kiddo playground made nearly entirely of rope, and even a summer carnival complete with a round top.  We reached the tip of the peninsula to find the confluence of the Ilz and Danube.  As we were all getting hungry for dinner, we decided to investigate a cluster of green umbrellas we saw on the opposite bank of the river.  We walked to and over the bridge to discover a lively street fair with schnitzel, whole chickens, mini pizzas, burgers that were 10-inches in diameter, and of course, plenty of beer.  The guys got a liter of the local Passau beer and we all got dinner – settling in to listen to the live music and people watch.  Then it came.  A huggggee, moody raincloud full of thunder circled over us and we huddled under the sun umbrella, waiting for the storm to blow over us.  The balmy summer air kept us warm and it was a cozy way to remember Passau.

DSC_1303 DSC_1302 DSC_1308 DSC_1309 DSC_1311 DSC_1313 DSC_1314 DSC_1315 DSC_1317

{marks on the sides of the buildings show how high the river got in record years}DSC_1318 DSC_1319 DSC_1322 DSC_1324{nature was a watercolor – from the moody sky, moving down the the confluence of the rivers just below the trees}

DSC_1327 DSC_1329{keeping our rain protection down!}DSC_1331 DSC_1333 DSC_1338{clearly, the locals have this figured out}

When the rain began to slow, we walked back to the car to return to the hotel.  Remember how we were on the top floor with the big beautiful skylight windows we opened to get a breeze in our room before we left?  Ooops….we arrived back to wet beds!  Some new covers and we all crashed for the night.

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